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Visual Studio 2012 Premium ext set MyUserName. Text value public string Password get return MyPassword. Text set MyPassword. Text value script Figure 7 4 Login control with BackColor, UserName, and Password properties. The ASPX file in Figure 7 5 displays the modified login control. Once more, changes are highlighted in bold. Note the BackColor attribute in the control tag. It changes the control s background color by initializing t.

xt few sections provide a working introduction to reflection and should at least enable you to hold your own when the conversation turns to reflection at a. NET party. Retrieving Information About Assemblies, Modules, and Types One use for reflection is to gather information at run time about assemblies, managed modules, and the types that assemblies and modules contain. The key classes that expose the fun. , ot only does it keep a record of the items the user selected, windows server 2008 r2 original key , but it implements an Orders property that supports data binding. Where does ShoppingCart come from, and what s the magic that enables it to work with data binding controls ShoppingCart is a custom data type defined in Congo. cs. It s accompanied by BookOrder, which is also defined in Congo. cs. The ShoppingCart class is basically a wrapper aroun. Visual Studio 2012 Premium, ee types of authentication Windows authentication Passport authentication Forms authentication When Windows authentication is selected, ASP. NET looks to IIS for help. IIS does the hard part by authenticating the caller. Then it makes the caller s identity available to ASP. NET. Let s say Windows authentication is enabled and Bob requests an ASPX file. IIS authenticates Bob and forwards the request to ASP..

ar. SelectedDates. SelectRange start, end MyCalendar. VisibleDate start Calendar controls render a lengthy mix of HTML and JavaScript to browsers. Do a View Source on a page containing a Calendar control and you ll see what I mean. The JavaScript is necessary to force a postback when the visible month or selection changes. Fortunately, the JavaScript is benign enough to permit Calendar controls to work wit. Visual Studio 2012 Premium, support keystroke entry. To that end, go back to the forms designer and change the form s KeyPreview property from false to true. Turning KeyPreview on enables the form to see keystrokes before its controls do, even if one of its controls has the input focus. Next override the following methods in Form1 to trap keyboard events Method Name Return Type Parameter List OnKeyPress void KeyPressEventArgs e OnKey.

Visual Studio 2012 Premium ic string BackColor get return MyTable. BgColor set MyTable. BgColor value public string UserName get return MyUserName. Text set MyUserName. Text value public string Password get return MyPassword. Text set MyPassword. Text value public delegate void LoginEventHandler Object sender, LoginEventArgs e public event LoginEventHandler Login public void OnLoginButtonClicked Object sender, EventArgs e if Login n.

r. RaisePostBackEvent is prototyped this way void RaisePostBackEvent string eventArgument The one and only parameter passed to RaisePostBackEvent is the second parameter passed to doPostBack to generate the postback. Here s the line again in MyTextBox that adds an OnChange attribute to the input tag when AutoPostBack is true writer. WriteAttribute onchange, javascript Page. GetPostBackEventReference this A. , nch equivalent of Tuesday requires one simple statement string word string table Tuesday Items can also be added to a Hashtable using string indexes Hashtable table new Hashtable table Sunday Dimanche table Monday Lundi table Tuesday Mardi table Wednesday Mercredi table Thursday Jeudi table Friday Vendredi table Saturday Samedi Semantically, there s a difference between adding items with Add and adding the. Studio, windows 10 ultimate 32 bit product key online , chanisms to protect files and other resources from unauthorized access by authenticated users. Passport authentication relies on Microsoft Passport to authenticate users. Passport is a Web service that serves as a front end to a massive database of user names and passwords maintained by Microsoft. Users who register with Passport can be authenticated anywhere on the Internet by applications that present lo. Visual Studio 2012 Premium.

Visual Studio 2012 Premium. dding TextChanged events. Declaring an event is no big deal events were discussed briefly in Chapter 2 and again in Chapter 7. The following statement declares an event named TextChanged whose type is EventHandler. Recall that EventHandler is one of the standard delegates defined in the System namespace public event EventHandler TextChanged With the event thusly declared, firing a TextChanged event is as s. Visual Studio 2012 Premium ples the mind its teaching should therefore be regarded as a criminal offense. Text Author Edsger Dijkstra Author Quote Quote Text C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot C makes it harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg. Text Author Bjarne Stroustrup Author Quote Quote Text A programmer is a device for turning coffee into code. Text Author Jeff Prosise with an assist from Paul Erdos A. Studio 2012 Premium - irects the request to the login page. The actual authentication soliciting a user name and password and checking their validity is performed by LoginPage. aspx. The following statement passes the user name and password that the user entered to the static System. Web. Security. FormsAuthentication method named Authenticate, which returns true if the user name and password are valid that is, if they appear i. Visual Studio 2012 Premium, he control s BackColor property. In addition, windows 7 professional key original , McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2013 (1PCs-2Year) , a server side script now displays a personalized greeting on the Web page using the name typed into the user name TextBox. See Figure 7 6. The script retrieves the contents of the TextBox by reading the control s UserName property. If you want, UserName and Password can also be used as attributes in the control tag to preload the TextBoxes with text. LoginPage2.

are interpreted rather than compiled and therefore run rather slowly, server side scripts in ASP. NET are compiled to common intermediate language CIL and executed by the common language runtime. Although ASP. NET pages incur more processing overhead than static HTML pages, they tend to execute much faster than ASP pages. You probably noticed the RunAt server attributes sprinkled throughout Calc. aspx. Run.